Started in 1993, the vineyard exceeded 37,000 grape vines without taking into account its network of five (5) associated vineyards.

LA ROCHE DES BRISES benefits from an exceptional micro-climate,  the proximity of  lake Deux-Montagnes and of the Greater Montreal area. Located less than five (5) kilometers away, are wild montains. You can also benefit from a  warm atmosphere all summer long.
Also protected by two (2) montains of Deux-Montagnes, acting as wind-breackers, the grapes planted in rocky and gravel soil, reach a high degree of maturity, year after year, this being a basic requirement for excellent red wine.  

Since the beginning of the plantation in 1993, La Roche des Brises has chosen to concentrate a rustic grape vine capable of surviving the severe Canadian winters.

Blue Grapes (red wine): Green Grapes (white wine):



Because of the grape vines rusticity's LA ROCHE DES BRISES does not bank up its plants in fall and does not reverse the procedure in spring, which constitutes an important economy and moreover ensures an increased longevity. All grape vines are trellised on five (5 ) foot wired metal posts . 

To walk and/or to follow a guided tour, LA ROCHE DES BRISES remains a souvenir engraved in one's memory for a long time because of the exceptional beauty of the site.